Appspace Ties In Workplace-Focused Platform With Logitech’s Office Technology

March 24, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The software firm Appspace has long leveraged partnerships with larger (and sometimes much larger, like Cisco) technology firms to open doors and chase deals with enterprise-level customers. With the company’s heavy focus now on what it calls workplace experience, Appspace is doing the work to integrate with hardware partners, including ones its customers might see as unconventional.

Like Logitech – which most people will know as a huge manufacturer of all the peripherals that make workstations work.

The company also makes products aimed at workplace collaboration and core workspace operations, and the proprietary operation system it uses to stitch them together – called CollabOS – now supports Appspace’s software. Right now that means meeting room displays, but support for Logitech RoomMate – a standalone “appliance” that manages video meetings on separate displays – is being developed.

That would mean companies equipped with RoomMates in meeting spaces could double the screens up as digital signage displays when not needed for active meetings.

Says Appspace:

Appspace Digital Signage will be available to Logitech customers using Logitech RoomMate or Tap Scheduler with an Appspace subscription, with easy connection to and management of Appspace channels.

With a quick start, simple management, and lots of other benefits, this integration is a game-changer for HR, corporate communications, marketing teams, and more.

The benefits include:

As noted in the past, it makes a lot of sense for digital signage companies to integrate with the vendors and technologies already widely used in environments like workplaces, versus trying to sell management software in as its own single-purpose activity. Appspace and a few other companies are doing the integration work that embeds digital signage capabilities into both hardware and software used for things like video collaboration.

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