Screenverse, Apparatix Partner To Boost Revenues For Independent Billboard Media Companies

March 22, 2023 by Dave Haynes

A couple of digital out of home companies have done an interesting tie-up aimed at helping smaller, independent digital billboard operators better monetize their inventory.

The partnership is between NYC-based Screenverse, which does ad management, ad monetization, and programmatic ad solutions, and Apparatix, which develops and markets a suite of software solutions for the DOOH industry out of its operations north of Denver.

Through this partnership, says PR, independent operators who use the Apparatix software have an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on Screenverse’s robust programmatic monetization services, leveraging one of the largest pools of digital roadside billboards in North America. Screenverse is well-positioned to manage and monetize digital billboards in the programmatic channel, thanks to its team of sales professionals, programmatic experts, media operations specialists, and marketers.

The partnership sees Screenverse’s technology and staff acting “as an extension of the Apparatix team, ensuring that all of the digital billboard assets are optimized for programmatic revenue across all buyers and key programmatic decision-makers.”

“Our partnership with Screenverse will provide our client-base of digital billboard operators with the best programmatic revenue solutions,” says John James, CEO of Apparatix. “Screenverse’s expertise in programmatic advertising combined with Apparatix’s industry-leading software enables these digital billboard operators to fully maximize the value of their digital billboard assets.”

“As an operator,” says John Murrow, COO of Trailhead Media, “I know that managing and monetizing digital billboards can be a challenging task, but with Screenverse’s world-class technology and Apparatix’s innovative software, I feel confident that my digital billboard assets will be optimized for programmatic revenue across all buyers and key programmatic decision-makers. I appreciate that Screenverse’s team will act as an extension of my team, delivering the highest level of service and success. This partnership is a game-changer for the independent digital billboard operators, and I look forward to seeing the results it will bring.”

This is how I have previously described Screenverse:

There are lots of programmatic advertising options out there to make access to brand advertising easier for network operators, but a start-up called Screenverse is going down a different path – basically saying to a lot of companies that have screens: “You focus on what you’re truly good at, and we’ll take over the ad sales and management of your network.”

So in the same way that some solutions providers are the outsourced digital signage operating units for companies like QSR chains, Screenverse is doing the sales and related work for companies that happen to have a screen network as part of much larger businesses. A great example would be TouchTunes, which has 1,000s of digital jukeboxes in bars, with screens on them that support booked advertising. Screenverse now runs and sells the ad display side of the business, so TouchTunes can focus on what it is super-good at – music content curation, licensing and overall ops.

This is a podcast I did with co-founder David Weinfeld …

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