Peerless-AV Shipping New, Simplified Generation Of Outdoor Display Kiosks Tuned To Smart Cities Needs

March 22, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Peerless-AV has redesigned a set of specialty outdoor display products aimed at smart city applications, tuning these new versions to both marketplace demands and customer feedback.

The suburban Chicago company has retired an older 55-inch smart city/outdoor high-bright unit and introduced new Single (KOP55XHB) and Dual-Sided (KOP55XHB2) models.

The key upgrades, says Peerless-AV in PR, “facilitate a simplified installation for running power and data cabling. At the same time, it offers a dedicated storage space for media components. The Dual-Sided model is brand new to the range. It thus offers increased screen space and opportunities for revenue-generating digital advertising and wayfinding. The Smart City Kiosks also provide supreme versatility in a wide range of verticals. These include including retail, government, transportation and visitor attractions.”

Nick Belcore, the company’s EVP, says they’re already processing orders. “The new dual-sided version is a fantastic addition to the range; enabling advertisers to tailor their digital signage content, and target and engage with a wider audience in outdoor urban environments; from airports and stadiums to bus shelters and shopping centers.”

The two screens can also play content independently, or both tun the same signal. They’re 1080P and IP66-rated.

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