More Than Half Of EU Orders For Samsung’s Super-Premium LED The Wall Are For Corporate Environments

March 22, 2023 by Dave Haynes

More than half of Samsung’s orders for its premium fine pitch LED display, The Wall, are going into corporate environments. That’s one of the interesting little nuggets of information coming out of an interview with Steven Pollok, the Director of the Display Division for Samsung’s European operations. Pollok did a Q&A published today by our German language content partners invidis.

“We originally started in the LED area with an extreme focus on the automotive industry, because that’s where we celebrated our first major successes,” Pollok tells invidis. In design centers, The Wall was mostly installed as a large 8K installation. Broadcasting and control rooms were also important areas of application. In the meantime, LED has been able to gain a foothold in the corporate environment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s representative boardrooms or lobbies with plenty of space to present a brand and welcome customers. More than half of the business now takes place here, although we originally focused on other vertical markets. The Wall as a product has developed its own momentum.”

The other interesting LED point is news that the microLED-ish product is produced not in Shenzhen, China, but in Slovakia.

“In October 2022 our factory near Bratislava opened for the production of The Wall. The plant in Slovakia helps to reduce lead times and make logistics more efficient, which we also want to contribute to the overarching topic of green signage. With the opening of the production, we are also offering our partners and customers a hospitality program including a factory tour, in order to develop a feeling that The Wall is not a mass product, but that it is produced with surgical precision complex work steps is produced.”

Pollok also gets into why Samsung and other manufacturers are expanding their outdoor LCD product lines into EV charging stations, either directly or via specialty display partners.

“We continue to see a high demand for outdoor and semi-outdoor solutions. If you look at the topic of EV charging, you can see where the journey is going: there will be a huge boom. We assume that by the end of 2030, almost eight million EV charging stations will be installed in Europe. With the associated waiting times, you have a new area of ​​application for outdoor displays.”

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