Qatari Hospital Uses LED-Embedded Glass To Create 4,000 Sq. M. Media Facade

March 20, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Engineering advances in LED display technology continue to take this stuff from being displays on a variety of surfaces to the surfaces being the displays – as is the case with  this new hospital building in Qatar.

The View Hospital has a 4,000 sq. meter transparent LED facade on the front of building, made from building glass embedded with LED light emitters. So the display doubles up as the weatherproof skin of the building.

It is from G-Smatt Europe, using tech that originates from South Korea. The pixel pitch is just P80, which means it is meant to viewed at a considerable distance. The plus side of that is the view from inside the hospital would be minimally impacted – with 99% transparency. Tighter pitches would reduce that transparency, but not as much as tech like mesh LED arrays that are attached to the sides of buildings or inside the glass of window openings. The impact varies with those, as well, by pixel pitch, but they require grids to hold the LEDs and get power to them – the net result that viewers inside a building are looking out through some sort of grid or mesh.

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