Endangered Kelp Forests Get Replicated On Big SFO LED Display

March 15, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Virtual aquariums have been used before for large-scale LED video walls, as have virtual waterfalls, but a new digital piece running in one of Salesforce’s office towers in San Francisco relates to a cause.

The CRM giant is running a public art video piece on the big, 90-degree corner SNA Displays LED in the Salesforce East tower lobby – a screen visible through curtain wall glass to passersby. The visuals – I’m not sure if this is computer-generated or the real deal shot in video – show a kelp forest being maintained and protected at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is maybe 90 minutes away from downtown San Francisco.

At 28 feet tall, Salesforce notes on Linkedin, kelp forests are an iconic California habitat, but they are left vulnerable to land pollution and rising ocean temperatures.

Salesforce is using the visuals to help the celebrated aquarium’s ocean action initiatives. If you get to the west coast, the aquarium is a must-see. Great place.

If you get to San Francisco, and are a hard core digital signage nerd, walking by the Salesforce buildings is worth it. As is the big mass transit terminal nearby (yeah, a bus station, but not your typical bus station).

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