Slovak Bus Line Kits Out New Terminal With 80+ Passenger Update Screens

March 9, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Several new or updated airport terminals have come online in the past year kitted out with displays that help inform and guide passengers, and it’s the sort of thing that can also serve other mass transport hubs well – like this new bus terminal in Slovakia.

The new bus station in the Nivy shopping center in the heart of Bratislava handles more than 1,100 connections every day, and operator Slovak Lines wanted to improve the passenger experience and rethink passenger information by using more than 80 screens around the facility.

The dynamic display solution, running on the Media4Display platform of the French firm Telelogos, shows departures and arrivals in real time, updates passengers at the bus platforms, and guides people on booking tickets.

In a project brief, Telelogos notes:

Slovak Lines was looking for an integrator who could provide both a traditional static display and a digital signage solution. They also wanted a single digital signage solution that would allow them to  manage delivery of all their different types of content . Qex, having this dual physical/digital display skill, was chosen as project integrator and validated the Media4Display solution, which fully met the specifications.

With regard to the screens, the client wanted to opt for an Android SoC (System On Chip) providing an “all-in-one” screen + player system. Their choice fell on Philips screens. The coupling of the Philips SoC and Media4Display thus makes it possible to build a scalable, efficient and secure solution. Media4Display has in fact, in a single solution, an integrated “Device Management” system  capable of managing the Android SoC operating system, all the other applications that the SoC broadcasts, the hardware, and responding to project security requirements.

Slovak Lines specifically uses the function of Media4Display which allows the processing and distribution of their own data sources  in JSON/HTML formats. It also leverages Media4Display’s built-in device management functions to update and secure Philips Android SoC displays. In addition to these technical aspects, the software solution was easily adopted by the user teams, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface.


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