Small Colorado Springs Integrator Says It Has Deal To Upgrade Some 10,000 US Car Dealerships

March 2, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The larger the client, the smaller the likelihood that a vendor can say much of anything about what it is doing for that client. A good example of that is a Colorado Springs IT company – called Tekumo – that has pushed out a press release saying it has been contracted to do a big digital signage upgrade across some 10,000 auto dealerships in the US.

The company says in PR that it has been “awarded a project by a multinational Japanese-based video monitor and computer company to upgrade digital signage and interactive technologies for a global auto manufacturer with over 10,000 US dealerships. Each dealership will ultimately add new branding technologies focused on a growing line of electric vehicles.  Tekumo is contracted to supply the technical resources and to project manage the equipment installation at each dealership. Installations have started in a beta stage with plans to roll out nationwide.”

Tekumo says it does “last mile installation and maintenance support of technical systems and smart connected devices.” Using our network of skilled technical resources throughout North America, integrated with the TekumoPRO platform, clients receive a modern, data driven, cost saving method to coordinate and manage large scale projects.

No idea on what automaker that might be, and I am more than a bit skeptical of the scale of this. A quick Google search suggests there are 17,600 new car dealers in the US. Toyota has about 1,300. GM has 1,700 or so. So no one manufacturer has 10,000 dealers, which makes me do a serious Hmmmmmm ….

Tekumo is owned by Balincan USA, an over the counter traded company. It has filed to change its name to Tekumo, Inc.

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