Skinny Bar-Type LCDs Help Guests Navigate New Downtown LA Destination

February 27, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Wayfinding and directory digital totems are pretty common in outdoor retail, leisure and transport destinations, and almost all of them look kinda sorta the same – except for these new ones deployed around a new dining destination in LA.

Instead of high-bright 55-inch displays in portrait mode, these ones are skinny 37-inch stretch displays, with built-in touch.

The totems were put together by Red Dot Digital Media and LightWerks for Halo DTLA, a unique dining destination located atop Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). The center, says PR, offers a curated collection of dining experiences, intermixed with art exhibits and other cultural attractions.

Developers of the newly-opened mall wanted a directory for finding shops, restaurants and other key landmarks, and now has a series of five touch-interactive wayfinding kiosks located throughout the property.

Rather than deploy standard-format kiosks that are increasingly commonplace in public spaces, the team designed slender kiosks incorporating 37-inch slim DynaScan High Brightness Displays with custom interactive touch overlays driven by BrightSign media players using Carousel’s CMS software. Encased in brushed stainless steel, the minimalist, sleek look of the kiosks is the perfect complement to the design aesthetic of businesses and common areas that comprise Halo DTLA.

Using the Carousel CMS and custom HTML programming, Red Dot created a library of engaging, interactive wayfinding content to help visitors locate information about the various restaurants, outdoor spaces, shops and services located throughout Halo DTLA. When idle, the kiosks display messaging and information about upcoming events.

Once visitors engage with the kiosk, they have the opportunity to explore a dedicated events page which lists all upcoming events, or they can select a specific dining, shop or service location and the wayfinder will display the location of that business on a map. These multi-level maps display location information, as well as an image, description and hours of operation for each business.

The kiosks also offer a quick-access directory where businesses can be accessed by category. Red Dot created an intuitive user interface so Halo DTLA personnel can easily update tenant details by simply entering information into a master Google sheet that houses relevant data about each business within the complex.


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