India’s Voolsy Screen Rebrands As DotSignage

February 21, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Branding experts could probably talk for days about the merits of choosing the right name for a business, and whether the name needs to evoke the product or service, but in the case of an Indian software company, they decided a change was needed.

The digital signage CMS software firm Voolsy Screen is “rebranding itself to DotSignage with immediate effect.”

The decision, the company says in PR, comes with a set vision to represent itself as a global brand diving further more into industry specific approach and setting up a global stage to meet all comprehensive business needs.

“We are a brand that serves every industry, but Voolsy Screen has set a special place for itself in the digital menu board category. While digital menu boards will continue to stay our best offering, we do not want to limit ourselves just to that. We already have clients from several industries who are putting our apps and features to good use. With DotSignage, we are expanding our reach to other industry sectors that need digital signage,” says Smit Nebhwani, Founder and CEO of DotSignage.

DotSignage currently serves 5000+ screens globally and has shown exponential growth every year. This move will ensure its enhanced presence in retail, healthcare, corporates, gyms, fitness centers, movie theatres and several other industry sectors. The transition in the rebranding is set to be gradual such that current customers do not face any issues.

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