SignageLab Leverages SignageOS Platform To Create Full Digital Signage Platform

February 14, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I am catching up on notes from ISE, which is already two weeks ago, and trying to relate some of the quicker conversations I had. Every time I go to a big show like ISE, I run into unfamiliar companies, and I try – when I can – to stop and have a chat, so I can understand what they do and where they fit.

One of those companies, with a stand in digital signage-centric Hall 6, was SignageLab – which I quickly learned is a CMS built around the multi-platform middleware and remote management software stack of SignageOS. As it turns out, both are Czech companies, though signageOS has a US footprint, as well.

Prague-based SignageLab was already in the digital signage business, using software based on WordPress, the blogging platform. That was predictably impossible to manage at any kind of scale, and the three-year-old company knew changes were needed.

“We were looking around and found signageOS, and that helped us to focus on the user interface and user experience,” a company rep told me at the stand (I’m too old and stupid to remember his name!) “We don’t worry about the platforms, we don’t worry about all the manufacturers, the vendors, the model lines. So basically, from the start, we supported all the platforms, all the way to the two newest Samsung Tizen OS. And we can really focus on the on the web interface and the content playback, and so on.”

“We don’t have potential customers asking, ‘Will it work on this?”

The company is mainly focused on the Czech Republic and Slovakia markets, as well as some neighboring countries.

It’s an interesting approach for both companies. In the case of SignageLab, they can offer a solution that works across a bunch of platforms and devices, and have mission-critical device management already baked in to their offer, without putting in all the work. On the signageOS side, the company can market and “rent” pretty much all the capabilities of a robust CMS, without going directly into that business and competing with its CMS software partners.

Here’s a rAVe video that does a quick rundown. David wasn’t who I spoke with …

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