Vestel Adds SignStix As CMS Option For Its Smart Display Lineup

February 9, 2023 by Dave Haynes

North Americans who attended ISE for the first time may well have wandered into the main hall where all the big display manufacturers were located last week, and saw a very large stand for Vestel, and wondered: “Who is that?”

Vestel is a very large display manufacturer based in Turkey (which is having a heartbreaking week because of that earthquake). The company has been at ISE for several years now, and lately has been raising its profile and activity in Western Europe for both its LCD and LED display line-up.

The company has had System On Chip smart displays for as long as I have been going to ISE – 6 or 7 years – and it is now forging partnerships with CMS providers to work on its version of smart displays, which run on Android 9.

Vestel has about 14 CMS partners listed – all EU-based, I think – and the latest to announce an integration with the company’s pro display lineup is UK software provider SignStix, which had a presence at the Vestel stand in Barcelona last week.


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