Hat Tip To rAVe For Knocking Out 1,700+ ISE Exhibitor Videos

February 8, 2023 by Dave Haynes

A tip of the hat to the team at rAVe Publications for running around madly last week shooting video demos all over Integrated Systems Europe, including 100s of stand-ups involving vendors in the digital signage ecosystem.

North Carolina-based rAVe has been doing this sort of thing for many years, and it is a little mind-wobbling to think about knocking out more than 1,700 videos over the space of a trade show week. There are more polished and involved sponsor videos (ie they paid for more attention), but rAVe runs around and gets quick and dirty interviews with as many vendors as they can find, at no charge to them.

They are rarely slick and 30-70 sometimes painful seconds of a sales person suddenly being told to rattle off a concise elevator pitch about their company or specific products. But these videos are also quick glimpses of stuff people like me didn’t see because of finite time or the sheer footprint of the show. If I missed seeing something, I can go on YouTube to the rAVe channel – which I have been doing – to get quick rundowns on a few products I missed.

I did not, for example, get a chance to stop and chat with nsign. These videos sometimes don’t say much, but for people who missed the stands when there, and the many more who didn’t get to ISE this year, it’s something.

Sixteen:Nine’s German content partners invidis also produced a lot of video for the show – but focused more on interviews on a formal broadcast TV set at the show, as well as more fully equipped camera teams doing stuff from the exhibit hall floor. They also did a daily wrap-up with me. That channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/@invidisXworld/videos

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