Digital Signage Tech Pushed To Remote Worker Screens Reduces IT Help Desk Tickets By Two-Thirds

February 8, 2023 by Dave Haynes

When the pandemic hit, there were numerous CMS software providers actively trying to develop new or tweak existing products and functionality to address the needs of companies that suddenly had much or perhaps all of their office workforce operating from home.

Applications that pushed digital signage-ish content and notifications to desktop displays have been around from some companies for many years, but now the need was not as an interesting add-on but mission critical in somehow keeping in touch with remote workers.

But I have been wondering for the past couple of years how this stuff actually gets used, as I’m not sure I’d be all that wild about getting notices about Marie in Finance getting engaged, or Fred turning 40. Which brings me to a quick catch-up conversation and demo with the French CMS software company Telelogos, which has a lot of enterprise customers in corporate environments.

Turns out that while there is a need in value in HR pushing out reminders on paperwork requirements and noting new hires and employee birthdays to remote staff, the real benefit and power users are IT.

Telelogos General Director Christophe Billaud told me one of his clients reduced tickets to its IT help desk by two thirds, by implementing a alert system that comes out of Telelogos’ Channels internal comms software. While everyday notices just slide out from a screen corner on an employee laptop, the IT department can use the same set-up to push out pop-up alerts – for things like recognized cyber attacks – that effectively disable the user’s home laptop or workstation, and tell them what to do.

The alerts do the job of very quickly letting everyone know – versus emails that don’t get opened or phone calls that would take forever to do.

There’s still, of course, a more everyday use by business communicators, but it seems a lot more interesting as a tool to reduce IT workloads and function as a rapid response mechanism when there’s a cyber-security incident or just some serious malfunction like a conked-out server.



  1. Camilla says:

    So true! Very important to have a good suite of both soft/fun features like this as well as things like EAS integrations like they have on Fugo CMS 🙂

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