Mixer Done, Attendees Happy, And Dave Survives Drinks With The Norwegians

February 2, 2023 by Dave Haynes

It’s 12:30, back at the rental flat in Barcelona, kinda tipsy, and very pleased I managed to extricate myself from a lengthier night out with “the Norwegians.”

The Sixteen:Nine Mixer was at a lovely hillside pavilion that was a great venue, but a little hard to find and even harder to get a cab from at 10:30 at night. So I hopped in with my much-younger, party-ready Norwegian friends when a big taxi showed, and we ended up down by the harborfront.

We crashed a company’s party – Maverick??? –  getting waved right in. One drink, thanks Maverick. Had a great chat. And then I bolted before I got pulled into a long night.

The Sixteen:Nine mixer, from what people said, was very well received. We had maybe 180. Dunno. Didn’t count.

In a crazy twist, we used digital signage screens, software and content at a digital signage event. It went off well. Lotsa pix were shot, but none by me. I will post some later, when they come my way.

I must have chatted with 70 people. Voice shot (as were the voices of numerous people … we’re by the sea, but it’s weirdly dry.)

You get a sense that it’s a party people want to hit when the executive team from AVIXA – which runs ISE – crashes it.

Meetings first thing in the morning, so no trade show summary – other than it was still quite busy, and there are digital signage companies – and digital signage-ish companies – all over the massive show. Didn’t see anything all that groundbreaking, but didn’t expect to. Innovation tends to be small steps in this business, not great leaps.

But I started hearing CEOs talking about AI that gets beyond audience analytics.

Need sleep. And possibly new knees. Long days on concrete floors ain’t great for 65-year-old bones.

Will post photos and results for the global Digital Signage Awards when time allows. Electrosonic and Synect the big winners.

This Twitter account has all the winners and pix: https://twitter.com/DSAwardsGlobal



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