Nashville Gets Even Better With Awesome New Airport Terminal Lobby

January 26, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I’d be very happy if every trade show I went to in the US was in Nashville, and not in Vegas or, ugh, Orlando. But it is my understanding that digital signage and AV trade shows are not organized, weirdly, just to suit me.

Nashville is a great place on a bunch of levels (live music, hot chicken …), and it just got better with the opening of a new airport terminal that has big digital visuals as a key part of the travel experience.

The “Grand Lobby”  looks amazing, and this online brief from the Montreal creative technology shop Gentilhomme has a lot of detail and visuals on how it looks.

Gentilhomme is a bit of a spin-out from Moment Factory, also from Montreal and also deeply experienced in airports.

At least a dozen other companies were involved in the lobby project – the most familiar being Omnivex (software) and Nanolumens (LED displays). I am not sure how big those twin LED displays are, but big. The Gentilhomme brief doesn’t get into the tech side.

Many hours of original content was shot, edited or created to drive the screens:

The digital vignettes pay homage to Nashville’s legacy with original live action and advanced computer-generated imagery (CGI) that celebrate the city’s nature, sports culture and nightlife.

I’ve noted this a few times … Retail gets a lot of the attention in digital signage, but if you want to REALLY see how digital signage and content gets stitched into every aspect of a venue, have a look at new or refurbished airport terminals. That’s where the innovation, great creative and operational messaging are really happening.


  1. Jay Leedy says:

    I second you motion Dave…Nashvegas for the win!

  2. Neil Chatwood says:

    I will be at Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam, March 14/15/16. Digital Signage (xIDS) has a massive impact on Passenger Experience; Omnivex are a thought leader in this space, driving innovation for over 20 years. I’d love to chat about plans you have around digital signage and share recent trends/projects we’ve been involved in during/post COVID.

    Appreciate the shout out Dave.

    The walls are 70’x 10′ each and are incorporated into the airport wide Omnivex CMS platform.

    The project is a testament to how the digital signage ecosystem continues to grow in complexity. No longer just the CMS vendors, AV folks and system integrators. For a successful project we now partner with architects, consultancies, experiential technology groups, customer experience groups, etc.

    Behind steel and concrete, digital is the third biggest expense in these new builds. I believe we’ve entered fully entered a new era for digital signage – no longer an afterthought/retrofit.

  3. Eric says:

    12k x 4k 1.8mm each

  4. Paul Fleuranges says:

    WOW. Nashty scores big here. Amazing vision, amazing content. A statement maker for sure.

    I totally agree with Neil, digital is no longer an afterthought, or a nice to have its a must have. With the desire to create a sense of place, digital is one of the best ways to do that. Static art can’t cut it alone. #IMHO

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