LG’s Semi-Transparent LED Film Featured Over Entry To Healthcare Provider’s New HQ

January 19, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a nice use of LG’s LED on transparent film product – above the corner entry of a healthcare provider’s new offices in downtown Hartford, CT.

The 14mm pixel pitch film day, which is 53% transparent, went up recently at the new HQ of Hartford Healthcare.

LG sales engineer Michael Warner noted on Linkedin that the client saw the product at InfoComm last year.

One more of our most recent LG transparent film LAT014 projects that is close to my heart. This project I designed back in the Sept.-October timeframe, it was a rush project when the client saw this product at Infocomm 2022. We had a great discussion, then *POOF*… here we are.

I like how the creative approach works with the relatively low rez display, and doesn’t try to fight it by using visuals that need to be crisp.

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