LED Mainstreamed: Restaurant At Ski Resort Puts Wraparound LED At 10,000 Feet

January 19, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The argument that LED display tech has been mainstreamed is pretty strong when you come across images of a pretty big, 90-degree corner screen on a restaurant atop a ski hill in Kazakhstan.

This is a 6mm screen, running anamorphic illusion creative, at the Shymbulak resort, the biggest ski hill complex in central Asia. It is almost 10,000 feet up the mountain.

It’s interesting because unlike some other LED displays turning up in settings like convenience stores, parking garages and sports bars, this one would only be needed seasonally.

I saw this on Linkedin and assume the person highlighting the project is dong so because his company (Shenzhen GCL Electronics) was the LED supplier.


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