Delta Air Lines Continuing Big Investment In Digital At Upgraded Hub Airports

January 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Air carrier Delta Air Lines continues to make a huge amount of capital and operating investments in digital displays at new or renovated airport terminals in the U.S. – the latest being a big upgrade at NYC’s JFK airport.

Delta made big investments in airport infrastructure in 2022, with brand-new terminals at its New York-LGA and Los Angeles hubs.

Delta’s has put $1.5 billion into an expansion project at New York-JFK, consolidating operations into Terminal 4. As of this past weekend, Delta officially moved its operations out of Terminal 2 and consolidated all operations in T4, with 10 new gates now open on Concourse A.

I note this because a key feature of the passenger experience is a big, wide LED wall pre-security at the check-in and bag drop-off area. There are also new self-service kiosks. I’m a big fan of these set-ups because they’re data-linked and changeable, allowing Delta to change the purpose of different counter areas and do messaging, as well as destination marketing.

Airports have long been early adopters of digital signage technology, and have always had what I call Boring Signage. That may read like a knock on that approach, but I am a big fan of applications that are not about visual excitement. I like screen programming – especially in sprawling, chaotic and stressful venues like airports – that just help make the experience a little easier.

I also appreciate how the airline has thought through what happens at gates and improved the experience by expanding the amount of information on screens. The screens at the gate counter have more data on them, but what I really like is the screen that just has boarding status. How many times have you strained to hear muffled public address audio announcements about boarding – and asked people nearby “Did they say Zone 2???” – knowing this would be so much better if there was a screen that clearly indicated, visually, what zone was boarding.

That noted, I’m not sure if the Delta PR people noticed the gate team in this supplied photo is smiling in front of a notification that says the flight up to Burlington, Vermont was more than four hours late  ;-]

  1. Neil Chatwood says:

    Nice write up Dave! To help you out with some jargon, the “announcements on screen” concept is “Visual Paging” and is federally mandated across both the USA and Canada within accessibility acts. CMS vendors work closely with PA vendors to tie into the zoning logic, to ensure context between the screens and the overhead audio.

    I’ve got a bunch of material on this if the mood ever strikes you!

  2. Todd Alan Green says:

    Another awesome set of dvLED displays by Nanolumens. There is a set of 2 of these that are hanging from the canopy in a”horseshoe” layout. Using our completely bespoke Nixel Series system we were able to design, engineer and manufacturer each of these 240ft long by 3ft high displays right here in the USA. We Are LED!

    Keep the great industry news coming!

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