35-Foot “Kaleidoscope” Art Tower In Dallas Built From 400+ Triangular LED Panels

January 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is a 35-foot multimedia art tower that uses triangular LED panels to steadily change its appearance for visitors to a big multi-use destination in a suburb of Dallas. Called Grandscape, the 433-acre lifestyle center (which opened in April 2020) has 3.9 million square feet of retail, dining, and entertainment anchors.

A post by a designer involved in the project says the Kaleidoscope feature uses 432 custom triangular LED tiles, 4000+ Color Kinects pod lights, a wind sensor, interactive camera and a 16 speaker array. The Kaleidoscope was designed by the Barnycz Group, and built at Design Communications Ltd.

The development also has a 43’ by 33’ double-sided video board surrounded by water, and and projection mapping on a water feature.

The art piece is sponsored by an electric power company, which I assume means costs are covered and there’s no particular pressure to change this from ambient art to cost-recovering, in-your-face advertising (though this would be a mightily challenging canvas to have for an ad spot).

I was in Dallas about a month ago and staying what looks to be maybe a mile away. But I didn’t know about it then. Would have liked to have seen this (and the AT&T Discovery District). Next time!

For locals, it is up by the giant Nebraska Furniture Mart.

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