Samsung Pairs Smart Display Line-up With Sprinklr’s Unified CXM Platform

January 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Samsung has done an interesting partnership that sees its SMART Signage all-in-one display platform as new endpoints for content published out of what’s marketed as a unified customer experience management platform, or Unified-CXM.

The electronics giant announced that NYC-based Sprinklr is now an official Software Partner for Samsung and the Sprinklr platform is now available as an integrated app for SMART Signage and hospitality industry displays.

Leveraging Sprinklr’s platform enables Samsung to deliver content and data from more than 30 social and digital channels directly via their commercial display products. Users can update information in real time and manage 100% remotely with Samsung’s service offerings.

Moreover, Samsung is also an official reseller for Sprinklr, now offering Sprinklr capabilities directly to their customer base.

That’s the important bit, as Sprinklr says it “works with more than 1,000 of the world’s most valuable enterprises — global brands like Microsoft, P&G, Samsung and more than 50% of the Fortune 100.”

The company pitch is that it uses advanced AI to “help companies deliver human experiences to every customer, every time, across any modern channel.”

“Shoppers expect to receive a positive first impression when interacting with a brand. These rising customer expectations are prompting retailers to rely on Samsung to create meaningful experiences for their customer base through the use of display technologies in their stores,” says Parrish Chapman, Director, Enterprise Retail Sales Key Accounts at Samsung Electronics America. “Our partnership with Sprinklr helps our retail customers meet this mission by consolidating social media content, promotions and reviews that are updated in real-time while consumers are shopping.”

Samsung and Sprinklr announced the partnership at NRF and will be showcasing how customers such as The Honest Worm and Duck Donuts are leveraging the integration and capabilities at both the Samsung and Sprinklr Booths during the show.

“Delivering real-time, customizable data and content from digital channels to consumers will help retailers revolutionize the shopping experience,” says Doug Balut, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances, Sprinklr. “By pairing Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform with the industry-leading digital signage and displays from Samsung, companies can enhance the seamless experience of customers, differentiate their stores and brand, and drive business results.”

There are probably dozens of vendors at NRF in New York this week who are suggesting their products and services revolutionize the shopping experience. Call me skeptical about this being one of those ways, but it is, nonetheless, kind of interesting.

Sprinklr’s business argument is that doing messaging and marketing across multiple channels in big companies can be chaotic, especially in companies that use multiple endpoint solutions for multiple communications jobs. The assertion is that the people managing the corporate website might be different than the people handling the intranet, extranet, mobile, social and on and on. And they might all use different tools and therefore operate in silos.

The pitch with Sprinklr is that one platform can end the chaos and harmonize/streamline effective communications.

That would seem to make sense, and is in line with what some digital signage CMS companies are evolving to – offering a “headless” solution that allows communicators and their supporting tech teams to work on one preferred software platform and just output to solutions/endpoints like digital signage displays (without users ever formally logging into the digital signage CMS).

We’ve been seeing digital signage software companies integrating with workplace collaboration platforms like Teams and Zoom. This is different, but the same general idea of being part of a larger something, as opposed to trying to sell a silo’d solution into big companies that aren’t looking to add yet more technology they need to learn and support.

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