New Salesforce Tower In Sydney Has Biggest Indoor LED Video Wall South Of Equator

January 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

One of the more impressive lobby video walls I have seen is in one of the headquarters office towers of Salesforce, in downtown San Francisco. Now there’s an even more impressive variation on that – at the new Salesforce tower in Sydney, Australia.

The new development is a 53-story building that is now the second tallest office tower in that country.

The San Francisco lobby is impressive in the way the themed content on the lobby feature wall also extends into elements of the lobby itself, but the set-up is a little constrained by the lobby’s relatively low ceilings (I’ve seen it in person, see pic below). In Sydney, the lobby ceiling is soaring by comparison.

The building at 180 George St in Sydney’s Circular Quay has what rolls up to be the largest indoor LED video wall south of the Equator.

Here’s the details:

Not your average screen on a wall, this project required a specialist installation team to ensure the highly publicized and anticipated development could be completed to a standard to meet great expectations and opened to the public on time.

After an extensive tendering process, (NJ-based integrator) Diversified was selected as the audio-visual integrator for the project, having previously successfully delivered LED walls on other flagship developments both in Australia and across the globe.

Note: Diversified has a big Australian office via acquisition.

The lobby display features four massive SNA Displays BOLD Interior LED walls, two of which join to wrap a 90-degree corner, combining to become the largest indoor LED wall in the southern hemisphere spanning 435.8m². The 4-millimetre pixel pitch allows for an optimal viewing experience across each of the faces which stand 10.5m tall with widths varying from 7m to 12.6m, processing over 25.5M pixels. The scale of the LED walls allow them to be visible from nearly all areas of the precinct. This includes retails, hospitality and public spaces.

To ensure a smooth installation took place, Diversified worked in partnership with PCB Digital to install SNA Displays BOLD Interior displays, where a live video feed was set up for the SNA Displays team to monitor the installation and provide remote support. This allowed Diversified to efficiently problem solve as the installation progressed, each panel plugged in the calibrations was checked and the systems commissioned.

The successful delivery of this state-of-the-art LED wall installation has helped tie together multiple spaces into one cohesive precinct for Sydneysiders to enjoy. Diversified is proud to have contributed toward what is sure to be one of Sydney’s best places to work, eat and socialize. The Diversified team is looking forward to continuing contributions to the Salesforce workspace over the coming months with 11 more LED walls set to be installed across the 16 storeys of Salesforce offices in the building.

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