Digital Signage Used To Pull Traveling Gamers Into Specialty Airport Lounges

January 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

If I’m stuck in an airport because of delays or lengthy connection gaps, I’m finding a bar and a Bloody Mary, but a company called Gameway is offering a different time-killing distraction for airline travelers – a very 2023 version of a coin-operated gaming arcade.

Gameway is building out a network of video gaming airport lounges in locations across the United States, and using a lot of digital signage to market the product and explain options.

Specialty integrator Red Dot Digital Media has helped deploy a set-up in numerous airports, including Houston, Charlotte, DFW and LAX. There is front entrance signage at each location, as well as several screens inside the lounges displaying pricing and other information to guests at the transaction counters.

Red Dot provided all hardware, on-site installation and configuration of the set-up, which uses Wallboard’s CMS software and runs on BrightSign players. BrightSign’s BSN.Cloud drives the pricing screens, which just use basic static images. The screens are Sony.

 Each location offers up to two dozen stations featuring the latest PC and console games.

“We’re pioneering an entirely new experience for travelers, so it is important that we’re able to successfully reach an audience unfamiliar with Gameway, and entice them enough to stop, take notice and walk into our lounges,” says Jordan Walbridge, Gameway Co-Founder. “Using exterior-facing digital signage has been an extremely effective way for us to attract new customers. The on-screen content is engaging and informative, and it lets customers interact with the space in a meaningful way before they even step foot in our lounges.”

The lounges, the company says, are seeing strong traffic and lengthy dwell times at each location. Gameway plans to “expand its footprint significantly” in the months ahead, with plans to open as many as 10 new locations by the end of 2023. 

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