Samsung Adds Windows 10 Support For Its Retail-Focused Kiosks

January 16, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Samsung has taken the interesting step of adding Windows 10 support to its retail-focused all-in-one kiosks, having previously offered the display units only with Samsung’s proprietary Tizen operating system.

The electronics giant made the announcement at the big retail tech show NRF, which is on right now in New York.

Samsung says its new Samsung Kiosk Windows 10 IoT Enterprise edition in Celeron i3, i5 and i7, “providing retailers greater flexibility and shoppers more convenient and alluring in-store experiences.”

The kiosks, first launched a couple of years ago in the Korea market and then more globally, had previously only been available with an embedded system on chip processor – meaning companies in the ordering, payments and peripherals ecosystem had to adapt to Linux-derived Tizen to work on and with these kiosks. Windows support should somewhat mainstream the devices.

“Consumer expectations are ever-evolving, which is prompting retailers of all sizes to dramatically transform the way they meet these growing demands,” says Chris Mertens, Vice President of U.S. Sales, Displays, Samsung. “Delivering quality products is no longer enough – retailers must now entice and delight customers in ways that create meaningful connections and experiences.”

“Through our strategic partnerships and the updates made to our display technology integrated with our MagicINFO software management system, Samsung is empowered to help retailers achieve this goal by embracing technology that captivates consumers through every point of contact, ensuring retailers’ viability in an increasingly competitive market.”

  1. Craig keefner says:

    Wow. Talk about no surprise.

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