Here’s A Helpful Explainer Video On How Visual Illusion Pieces Are Made And Work

January 13, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is a very helpful post put up on Linkedin by UK-based freelance director and VFX artist Anthony Rubinstein – showing how visual illusions come together for big LED digital OOH screens, like the reference location in the post – Picadilly Circus.

It’s great because he explains how this stuff works, notes how there is a narrow viewing sweet spot, and makes the helpful point that realizing these forced perspective illusions has nothing to do with the LED display technology.

That last bit is important because some manufacturers – even some of the larger ones from China – have been marketing displays as naked eye 3D displays. While most people in the pro AV and DOOH industries know it’s the creative, not the display – there will be all kinds of more casual observers who might buy into the pitch that it takes a certain kind of LED display to pull off these illusions.

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