Swedish Grocer’s Flagship Adds Vast LED Display To Back Wall; Plus Digital Endcaps

January 12, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Here’s yet more evidence that LED has been mainstreamed by the people who design things like retail spaces – a supermarket in Sweden that now sports a 16-meter-wide LED videowall over the bulk food section.

The 52-foot LED wall is in a flagship store of the grocer Maxi ICA, at the Stormarknad Universitetet store in Orebro, a small city due west of Stockholm. The store is a bit like big boxes in North America, stocking groceries but also stuff like consumer electronics and home and garden gear.

The LED pitch isn’t spelled out, but the PPDS (Philips) PR on the project also notes the store has 27 big flat panel LCDs around the store, mostly 86-inchers. The screens run on PPDS’s own CMND software platform.

Says PR:

Opened in 2015 and part of the ICA Group – 1,300 stores, 8,000 staff and a market share of 36 percent – the owners wanted to create a more modern, engaging and inspiring in-store environment for their customers, while binging new benefits to the store’s day-to-day operations, and to drive new and existing revenue opportunities. Part of a major digital upgrade initiative, key to its plans was the replacement of its traditional static and quickly outdated paper-based messaging (branding, marketing, and promotions) with a digital alternative, for maximum visibility and consistency, and less waste.

Working closely with PPDS and LTG Display – Sweden’s leading supplier of signage software, digital signage and store communications for more than 3,000 retailers – a strategic plan was developed to evolve the store from traditional media to the digital world.

Completed in just a few days, nearly all printed signage was replaced with Philips D-Line digital displays (75”-86”), allowing the store to bring its branding and messaging content to life in a way never seen before in store, with creativity, only restricted by their imaginations, delivered in up to 4K picture quality. Linked seamlessly to LTG Display’s sophisticated POS system, the store is now able to update content instantly and entirely remotely, on an individual screen or collectively.

In addition, the installation of Philips digital signage removes concerns around outdated promotions being displayed, ensures staff are able to focus on their job rather than on changing posters on a daily basis, and eliminates unnecessary paper waste.

There’s a video that shows how the big LED wall and other screens are used. I like the positioning and simple pricing messages on the screens over the endcaps, and also that the LED back wall has visually interesting content and is not just pushing products and sales pricing.

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