New Rise Vision Feature Turns Classroom Interactive Panels Into Emergency Alert Screens

January 11, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Digital signage platforms used in schools have long offered tie-ins to safety alert systems to push emergency messaging to screens in common areas like fining halls and lobbies, but a new feature from the CMS software firm Rise Vision pushes messaging to interactive screens in classrooms that are in place for teaching.
The alerts and announcement interrupt feature developed by Rise Vision works on interactive flat panels from brands such as Promethean, SMART Technologies, Clear Touch, Clevertouch, Boxlight, Newline, BenQ, ViewSonic, and Avocor.
With this feature, says Rise in PR, teachers can go about their day using the screen as a teaching tool. When the display receives an alert, Rise Vision will automatically stop the display from being used as a teaching tool and then show the emergency alert, giving students and staff the necessary time to react.
But this feature isn’t just for emergencies. If there is an important announcement from the principal, superintendent, or if you want to stream a morning announcement to every classroom, you can easily interrupt all of the displays in your network to show this content. It’s a great way to get every student’s attention right away.
Rise Vision’s digital signage software solution is designed to help schools communicate essential information to students and staff quickly and effectively. The addition of emergency alerts is a critical component of this solution, as it helps schools ensure the safety of their community.
“We understand that school safety is of the utmost importance,” says Brian Loosbrock, CEO of Rise Vision. “That’s why we’ve developed this feature, which allows schools to quickly and easily disseminate emergency alerts to their students and staff. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool that can help keep schools safe.”
  1. craig Allen keefner says:

    posted with link note on my digital signage site Dave. Their support for different systems is very impressive. These are top interactive classroom people. And isn’t Rise Vision now owned by AUO? Thanks again for noting.

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