UK’s The LED Studio To Show Outdoor DOOH Display At ISE Powered In Part By Attached Solar Array

January 9, 2023 by Dave Haynes

UK-based LED manufacturer/marketer The LED Studio will be showing a version its fine pitch outdoor LED display at ISE, touting its ability to substantially reduce energy costs via an attachable solar canopy.

The unit is a version of the AEGIS Pro 130″ outdoor kiosk solution announced by the company last summer – a unit that is waterproof without a glass enclosure and meant as an alternative to the high-brightness outdoor-rated LCD totems commonly used now by media companies and for specialty applications like wayfinding.

The LED Studio will be showing the unit at manufacturing partner VOD Visual’s ISE stand – Booth 3R250.

The AEGIS Pro 130″ outdoor kiosk solution is the first outdoor narrow pitch LED display to feature a unique fully waterproof exterior, requiring no additional glass casing. The solar panel is mounted on top of the display and has a battery pack capacity of 20AH, which can be fully charged in approximately 2.5 hours in the appropriate lighting conditions of six hours or more a day.

When running at 220V, the AEGIS Pro kiosk average power consumption is 1140W, at an average current of 5.2A. In these conditions, the 20AH battery provides roughly 3.85 hours of power from full charge and up to nine hours in high bright conditions. Under 24/7 operation conditions, this can save a whopping 38.5% of energy per week.

These savings are in addition to the fact that the AEGIS Pro already features a sustainable design to consume up to 40% less power consumption compared to traditional outdoor LED display technologies. This makes it not only more energy efficient but maximises ROI over the product lifetime whilst being better for the environment.

“Sustainability is inherent in everything we do. The demand for green technology and digital signage solutions has risen astronomically and with the rising cost of energy, efficiency and total cost of ownership are more important than ever,” says Rob Bint, CEO at The LED Studio. “All of our new products feature energy-efficient design and manufacturing processes, compact shipping, logistical solutions, smart operations, or future-proofing to reduce waste by reusing as many components as possible.”

The AEGIS Pro has been designed for quick installation, with everything needed to get the display up and running included in the box. The all-in-one nature of the kiosk means it doesn’t require any additional components, streamlining and simplifying operations. The LED Studio can supply integrated CMS functionality, but alternatively it is also compatible with all leading CMS platforms including Scala and BrightSign.

The AEGIS Pro has been crafted to cater for close and far observing audiences, available in low pixel pitches of 1.5mm, 1.8mm and 2.5mm, whilst also being available in landscape or portrait orientations.  

I have asked for pricing, and I assume between the fine pitch outdoor display and the solar array that the number is eye-popping. The cost delta between high-brightness LCD and outdoor-rated fine pitch LED generally remains quite substantial, though it will drop … either with this technology or more likely when microLED matures and gets mainstreamed.

Right now, I tend to think investments in these units would be limited and done as statements by media companies and local governments, particularly in Europe where energy costs are high and restrictions are in place.

At some point, however, as costs drop and approach parity, these outdoor LED set-ups will supplant LCD, mainly because of operating lifetimes and brightness capabilities that LCD cannot match.

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