New LED Ceiling In Paris Office Block Works With Building’s Unique, Curvy Interior

December 30, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Let’s finish off 2022 on a positive note – highlighting a terrific creative job at a renovated building in Paris that respects and works with the building design and is not just a big screen filling a large interior space.

This is 21 rue Châteaudun, an 1930s office building in Paris that was influenced by curvy, modern American architectural styles at the time. The creative technology shop Admemori, also based in Paris, worked with DTACC architecture to design a digital feature that would integrate into the ceiling of the entrance atrium.

This creation, says Admemori in describing the project, “follows the interior architecture and plays trompe l’oeil with interior decoration materials. Like an open ceiling, this custom digital design creates the sensation of an opening moving outwards.”

That’s what I really like about this. There have been several nice projects that convert ceilings to digital canopies, like this one ESI did for a mall in downtown Chicago.  But this one really works with the curvy, sculpted nature of the building interior, with the motion visuals including scalloped borders that steadily shift.

Super nice!

Here’s a video

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