ISE Expects 1,000+ Exhibitors, About One-Third Include Digital Signage In What They Do Or Sell

December 29, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The organizers of Integrated Systems Europe say the 2023 edition of the show – the first in a few years to be somewhat close to normal – say they expect to host more than 1,000 exhibitors, including about 120 first-time exhibitors.

A quick check of the exhibitor list, sorted by category, shows some 330 exhibitors declaring themselves as digital signage exhibitors. But at least some of those exhibitors include digital signage-enabling technology, but do a bunch of other things, as well. These guys, for example, are also listed in 15 other categories, including lighting controls and smart buildings.

Despite the COVID situation in China, there are 60 exhibitors from that country listed in the digital signage sort.

The ISE press team pushed out PR rattling off some of these numbers for the show, which is now just a handful of weeks out, including comments from some first-time exhibitors. Some do things like smart residential heating, so we’ll skip those, but a couple of the featured newbies are interesting and potentially relevant to the signage/pro AV crowd.

One new exhibitor is Naostage, an engineering-led start-up that has created the world’s first automatic beaconless 3D tracking solution to help create immersive, interactive live experiences.

Paul Cales, CEO and Co-Founder of Naostage: “We are very excited to be exhibiting for the first time at ISE 2023, where we will launch our K System tracking solution, the industry’s first real-time 3D beaconless system of its kind. ISE is a fantastic platform to launch our solution which will help unleash creativity for both fixed installs and rental staging applications. ISE visitors expect to discover new technologies and solutions to help them create immersive experiences and this is what we’ll deliver. We have big plans for the coming months, and we are confident ISE is the perfect place to achieve our goals.”

Many first-time exhibitors can be found in the Discovery Zone, situated in Congress Square between Halls 4 & 6 and Halls 5 & 7.

Those include Vidable, which was also at InfoComm back in June:

“At Vidable, we are building the world’s most complete collection of AI-powered solutions for enterprise video,” says General Manager Mike Snavely. “Vidable will allow creators and content managers of all experience levels to easily analyze their libraries, enhance production quality and add engagement-oriented enhancements at scale – all with the power of AI.”

The proposition is that creators with a pile of video assets can run that material through Vidable and come out with a fully characterized and searchable archive, so if there is a lot of B-roll of, let’s say, an event, a video editor can key in a search term and get a list of results – instead of scanning through all the footage.

I always come across a few unfamiliar, to me, companies when I walk ISE, and that will be the case once again – particularly since this will be the first normal-ish ISE since 2020, or arguably since 2019.

Among them:

BuLLii, a DOOH-focused CMS from Luxembourg

Fugo, a CMS out of London

Humanizing Technologies, a German firm that does interactive avatars for screens

Pixilab, a Swedish company that creates “dynamic room experiences”

And Touchify, a French firm that has a software suite that, at first glance, seems to compete with another French company, Intuiface.

All the big-time companies – the Samsungs, LGs, Sonys and so on – are also at ISE. You may recall that LG pulled out of ISE 2020 just as COVID-19 started emerging as a global concern and not something just happening in China. The show’s organizers had to scramble to dress up a big void at the front of one of the halls in Amsterdam to deal with the company’s absence. – which was based on health safety concerns.


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