Dead-Simple Signage Application For Health Care Reduces Interactive To A Button Pad

December 19, 2022 by Dave Haynes

There has never been a shortage of whiz-bangery offered up to make simple visual display tasks more difficult, and probably like many people in this industry, I have seen demos of screen interactions that were portrayed as seamless but in fact just added steps and complexity.

I think, particularly, of applications that required pulling out a phone and then downloading an app or launching a specific url, or gesture-based set-ups that required a learning curve and were finicky to use. Why not just use a touch layer?

But I have seen other set-ups that have been dead-simple, like this one:  To change what’s on this screen, users push a physical button, wall-mounted like a lighting switch.

Put in by Columbus, Ohio-based solutions provider Coffman Media, the set-up allows medical staff at a “large Ohio hospital system” to walk into a patient exam room and take control over a wall-mounted display “to screen share their laptop and share visual information with their patients, and other controls.”

The set-up uses Ping HD (Spectrio’s) software, which is working with LG webOS smart displays. The interaction piece is supplied by Nexmosphere, a button pad hooked to a controller device that sends commands to the smart display.

As you can see in this video, or Linkedin post here, the only real training needed here is to point out that the pad is off to the left, and not immediately below the screen. I assume it is where it is because there’s what appears to be a hand sanitizer dispenser right beside it.

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