Signagelive Partners With EyeQuant On AI-Driven Creative Optimization Toolset

December 12, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I always thought artificial intelligence and machine learning-based computer vision platforms were more interesting for analyzing how people really view digital signage messaging than the endless pitching of this technology as a way to serve ads in real-time based on the estimate of the profile, and even the emotions, of the viewer.

AI-driven, camera-based audience measurement, in terms of viewer counts, dwell times and optimal locations, is great, but what about using AI tools to get a sense of how people will view creative, and absorb information, even before the ad spots are rendered and published to screens? That’s the interesting premise of a partnership between UK-based digital signage CMS signagelive and the British/German visual analytics firm EyeQuant.

The partnership gives signagelive users a free month of access to the EyeQuant SaaS platform, allowing users to instantly predict the impact of the imagery, text and videos for any digital media, including digital signage, before it gets OK’d and published live. The AI platform provides a very quick visual sense – through what amounts to heat-mapping – that shows were viewer eyes will go. That allows creatives – and particularly less experienced and skilled people using things like templates – to test layouts and tweak.

That beats going live with creative and then getting indications from sales or other measures that the deployed layout and design didn’t generate the hoped-for results.

After a month, if users want to continue a subscription is roughly $460 USD/month, which might seems like a lot in a world of $5-$25 digital signage SaaS subscriptions, but it’s super-cheap if it helps makes ads more effective and drives sales or other metrics.

Signagelive does a good job with video-driven product explainers, and there is one here … 



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