A Giant Immersive Cylindrical LED Video Wall Lights Up At Moroccan University

December 9, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a vast, custom-curved LED video wall in a main auditorium at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (known as UM6P), located near Marrakech, Morocco – billed as the largest immersive video wall in North Africa.

It measures 288 feet wide by nine feet high, and has a radius of 313.46 degrees.

The display uses Samsung 2.5mm pitch LED, and was project-managed and put in by the integrator Cegelec Maroc, with Atrait Consulting doing the sizing and sourcing of all the audio-visual equipment. The big challenge, or at least a main challenge, was building that wall to meet the specific curvature – a job that fell to Peerless-AV.

The cinder block wall structure of the auditorium is circular, but not a perfect circle. However the cylindrical video wall had to be, and the Peerless-AV mounting structure for more than 900 LED cabinets was machined to an angle so specific there are four decimal points. The wall floats, sitting on top of wood pylons.

The install came after planning that started in 2018 and took 16 people and 40 cherry pickers on-site, working 12 hour days for three weeks.

The UK publication Inavate has a detailed feature piece on the project, aimed at AV nerds, and there is also one of those magazine-style, digital page-turner case studies from Peerless-AV here.

Here’s a video on the project

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