DSE Says November Show Pulled 3,500 Attendees

December 8, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Questex, the company behind the rebooted DSE, has pushed out a post-show report that suggests about 3,500 people registered and attended the digital signage conference and expo last month in Las Vegas.

Digital Signage Experience also pulled what Questex suggests was hundreds of people over from the sister show in another, nearby part of the LVCC – Live Design International (or LDI).

Attendees for DSE proper came from 61 countries, though the majority of those attending were Americans and Canadians, as is always the case.

Attendance in past years, under the old DSE show operators, tended to average right around 4,000, so 2022 wasn’t all that far off. The release doesn’t lay out exhibitor numbers or floor space booked, but anyone who attended could see the exhibit hall was noticeably smaller.

My impressions from the 2022 show are here:

The press release has a review of the show highlights you can read here, as well as curated comments from exhibitors.

I have heard suggestions that some vendors attended DSE to kicks its tires, so to speak, and were happy enough with what they saw to commit to booking space in 2023.

What the press release does not address, but is being actively worked on, is some way to create more calendar distance with the Formula One race next November in Las Vegas. The combined DSE-LDI shows are on at the start of the same week as the race, which will physically close a part of the Strip and surrounding roads, and be a nightmare for anyone who is not an F1 fanatic.

The shows close Tuesday and practice laps on the Strip track start Thursday, so it is very safe to assume getting around and getting a vaguely affordable room will be, to put it politely, a challenge. A lot of rideshare drivers might turn their apps off and keep their cars parked, unless surge pricing is too lucrative to ignore.

I know, ‘cuz I asked, that Questex is very much aware of all this, and working on it. But it is far easier to sit  in the virtual bleachers and say change the dates or change the city, than to actually make that happen.

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