LED Mainstreamed: Lux Hollywood Apartment Block’s Unique 61-foot-wide LED Wall Greets Tenants, Visitors

November 29, 2022 by Dave Haynes

LED video walls have been talked up for the last three or four years as a new tool to attract and retain tenants in commercial office towers, by using a big digital canvas and (ideally) custom creative to drive experience and reinforce a brand. Now, as costs have come down and awareness has gone up, we’re seeing that same mindset in residential properties.

This is a high-end apartment complex in LA using a uniquely-shaped LED video wall and custom creative on the external wall of the development’s parking garage.

The Rise Hollywood, in the heart of guess where, has invested in a 6.67mm outdoor-rated trapezoidal LED display that is 6’3″ by 60’11” along its longest edge. The display was supplied by SNA Displays, and the development commissioned motion graphics and animation studio leftchannel to develop custom content tuned to the development and the unique shape of the digital canvas.

“SNA Displays and leftchannel did a great job designing our digital art piece,” says Jimmy Hancock, EVP for the real estate development and capital management firm behind the property. “It’s such a unique feature for the property. The feedback has been great. Residents and guests are really enjoying it.”

“It’s always great working with a partner like SNA Displays who can think outside the traditional 16:9 box,” adds Candy Stoer, managing director at leftchannel.  “We enjoyed leveraging the trapezoidal digital canvas to create an art piece that accentuates the elevated property experience.”

There’s only so much architects and engineers can do to make an apartment or condo block look cool, and digital displays can add a new, not-seen-before twist to a building. One of the keys will be keeping the creative updated and interesting, and avoiding the siren call of local advertising – which would help pay for the technology.

The SNA project brief has a video, but the settings don’t allow embedding. Click here to watch …

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