WOO Sets 2023 Global Out Of Home Ad Industry Congress For June 7-9 In Lisbon

November 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The 2023 World Outdoor Organization Global Congress is now set for Lisbon, Portugal on June 7-9 at a hotel and conference centre in the heart of that city.

The event includes an opening reception, 1.5 days of presentations and a full social program that includes an annual awards presentation and gala dinner.

Wood is self-described as “the only global Out of Home Association, working to promote and improve the OOH industry on behalf of its members. Board members include the major International companies  – JCDecaux and Clear Channel – as well as Ströer, Global Outdoor, blowUP media, OUTFRONT Media and Lamar from the US, Selvel One from India, Primedia from South Africa as well as OOH associations, the OAAA in the US, Alooh from Latin America and the OMA in Australia.”

The event sets up this way:

Says WOO:

An international panel of speakers and panellists will be announced in the coming months. WOO is also pleased to announce that 2023 Global Congress prices will be held at the same level as the 2022 Global Congress in Toronto, which attracted over 400 delegates.

Toronto was our first in-person Global Congress since Dubai in 2019 and was the first opportunity for the global OOH industry to come together after the pandemic,” says WOO President Tom Goddard. “Lisbon 2023 is an opportunity for the industry to look forward and plot our course through a challenging future but one that is full of opportunities for a renascent and dynamic industry. After two successful regional events in APAC and MENA, we look forward to our biggest and best Global Congress.”

I did a podcast with Goddard back in August:

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