PARTTEAM, OEMKIOSKS Develop Interesting Modular Take On Ad-Driven “Street Furniture”

November 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A lot of different specialty display manufacturers have developed variations on digital out of home street furniture displays that have added components they then marketed as “smart city” displays, but I haven’t seen one that takes the same approach as the NOMYU series from the Portugal-based interactive systems manufacturers PARTTEAM and OEMKIOSKS.

The partner companies have outdoor-rated display totems like a lot of other companies, but it also has a series of what it calls add-ons: from planters and benches to solar arrays and a dockable e-scooter charging stations.

Big city transit companies do advertising concession deals that see infrastructure, like smart city totems with free WiFi and calling, or complete bus shelters with ad screens, put in on a media company’s nickel – with ad revenues shared. This seems an interesting take on a modular design that would allow a media company or city government to fit the design to needs, and maybe have multiple variations based on location, without requiring the substantial time and cost of custom transit rider shelter or totem designs.

One thing I can’t help wondering – having now been at a couple of trade shows and seen advances in outdoor fine pitch LED – is how long it will be before LED starts supplanting high-brightness LCD for digital OOH displays. LCD can still deliver a superior image, but LED doesn’t have the same heating, cooling and glare baggage as LCDs.


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