Massive New Saudi “Aerotropolis” Will Likely Be Using A Lot Of Digital Signage, But Not For A Few Years

November 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

If your digital signage company is comfortable chasing opportunities that could take years to close, and probably involve a lot of paperwork and different kinds of negotiations, a massive new airport in the money-is-no-real-barrier land of Saudi Arabia may intrigue you.

The Saudi government today announced plans for what will be called King Salman International Airport, a vast air transport facility outside Riyadh that would sit on 57 sq. kms of desert land and have six parallel runways. The intent is turn the airport into both a logistics and passenger transport hub for the region, competing directly with Dubai and other big airports in the region.

The plan was laid out today by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz and other Saudi economic development and investment officials.

Digital signage technology has in recent years broadened its relevance far beyond flight and gate information displays, and is being used all over airports for passenger and behind-the-scenes staff communications, as well for digital OOH advertising displays and big video wall and related display installations that use custom creative to drive experience. The most recent airport opening that shows how digital is now being used is in Qatar.

So this airport’s operators will likely be buying – albeit maybe five years or more out – a lot of display technology and supporting software.

I’m no geopolitics or economics expert – just in case that wasn’t screamingly obvious – but it’s easy to assume this is giant air hub part of a broader strategy to diversify an economy that is very heavily based on selling oil, with reserves that are finite and a global economy that wants and needs to switch to alternate energy sources.

  1. Rein says:

    I’d be less concerned with taking a long term bet on an interesting project than I am on taking on a project/client that would be burnishing the image of a despotic autocratic regime.

    Sorry, I’ll leave it up to Foster & Partners to dance with the despicable. They seem to have that nailed down. Shame on them.

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