Streaming Digital Art Platform Loupe Launches Business Version Aimed At Digital Signage

November 17, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A streaming digital artworks platform called Loupe, based in Atlanta, has launched a business version of its service that can be used for digital signage and related use-cases.

Loupe for Business is described as “an affordable solution for out-of-home business verticals from hospitality to healthcare to bring distinctive art streams into their lobby, offices, lounges or venue at large. The new Loupe for Business application allows businesses to schedule and manage the art content, tailoring the visual art experience to their location throughout the day and week. The Loupe streaming service features 700 acclaimed artists from around the world in a customizable digital art streaming platform with mood-based, cultural and seasonal themes as well as algorithmically-driven Stream by Color collections.”

Loupe has a human-curated catalog of fine art painting, photography, mixed media, motion, digital and NFT art. “Out-of-home is such an exciting space for experiential design and art discovery today with the birth of Web3 creating a renaissance of artists, creators and media,” says Dot Bustelo, CEO and Founder of Loupe. “We’re thrilled to deliver the Loupe for Business application, allowing locations to elevate and customize their commercial interior design with scheduling control over a visual art streaming experience, programmable for different work or leisure ambiances.”

The Loupe for Business app generates a custom art stream viewable on any web-enabled TV or device such as a Chromebox, as well as within a managed CMS environment, which I assume means it can be scheduled as a URL in the playlist of digital signage CMS platforms.

I think digital art has a role in digital signage projects, though I’d suggest a strategy a little more advanced than it being an easy way to refresh content (like subscription news and entertainment feeds). Loupe’s main competitor, I think, is Blackdove, which does similar work and has a partnership with LG.

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