Newark’s New Digitally-Rich Terminal A Gets Previewed

November 16, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Ribbons have been cut and the press and other interested parties have now had a look at the new 33-gate Terminal A at Newark International Airport – the first new terminal at Newark in almost 50 years.

The terminal won’t be ready for passengers for a few more weeks, but all the visual stuff is in place, including 74 digital advertising displays managed by Clear Channel Airports.

Among those assets are multi-sided 85” screens throughout the building, along with dynamic digital gate signs that will display flight arrival and other information.

But the big Wow Factor feature is something called the Umbrella, a two-sided mammoth digital display that dominates the entrance/exit of the East Pier, the largest concourse in the new terminal. This screen is packaged with two huge angled wall screens on the North and South Piers to create an iconic display. It’s intended for advertising, not art.

The Security Digital Network and the Digital Bag Claim Network screens were designed to fit within the design aesthetic, while still doing their operational jobs.

Montreal’s Moment Factory produced several New Jersey-themed creative vignettes to run on screens above TSA screening areas.

The integrator on the AV/IT job is Electrosonic and Nanolumens supplies the LED.

Brandon Harp of Electrosonic has a buncha photos on a Linkedin post here.

There are already elements of Newark’s airport that are airy and nice, but there’s a set of old, cramped circular terminals that are awful. I am assuming/hoping these are going to be demolished as this new terminal comes online. Like PUL-LEEZ! Flights to the US are starting to get renewed at my home airport and Newark is where they’re going … and probably to those rounded hellpits if they’re not put offline.

These must be happy times for people who fly in and out of NYC a lot. LaGuardia has been transformed from its own version of hell, and now Newark. I only really know T5 at JFK, and it’s nice.

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