Office Lobby Uses Projection-Mapping For Directory And Info Screen

November 11, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a clever, budget-friendly variation on big video walls in office lobbies – a projection-mapped feature that functions as a building directory and information screen.

It’s in an office block in Jersey City, across from Manhattan, and uses a projection system to light up a wall that’s JUST off a lobby filled with ambient light from the street-side windows. Putting this around the corner from the main lobby makes it workable through the day, as what’s on that wall might barely be visible just a few feet away.

This was put together by the NYC creative technology shop Bravo Media. Bravo has done a few of these fun jobs that involve relatively small projection targets, like an interactive wall in a Times Square Krispy Kreme.

Ambient light is the nemesis of projection jobs done like this, but if the environmental conditions are right, it can be visually fun and interesting to animate an unexpected surface like a blank wall. LCD walls present calibration and maintenance issues, and LED video walls – while less costly than in the past – are still big budget items and, unless they have a protective coating, are at risk of accidental or intentional damage as the fragile LEDs get touched.

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