Activist Projection-Maps “Musk’s Hellscape” On Twitter Office Block

November 8, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Entrepreneur and shit disturber Elon Musk has lots of fans, but has seemingly spurred no end of detractors, particularly in the immediate wake of his messy and controversial takeover of Twitter. One of them decided to use guerrilla projection mapping on a Twitter office block to broadcast his or her displeasure to a larger audience,

A series of projection-mapped statements – presumably beamed over from a projector pulled out of a vehicle – on the San Francisco offices of the social media company.

This story on Unilad goes into some detail about the effort from someone on Reddit with the handle AEMarling. Among the banner statements running last night on the building was one reading Musk Hellscape and pointing at the building’s Twitter sign.

I’m kind of surprised this sort of thing isn’t done more often, as projection-mapping is a pretty simple exercise and the whole idea of guerrilla marketing is to bypass permits and planning exercises by just rolling up with a van, tapping the vehicle for power, and point the projection lens at the target surface. An activist did very similar work back in 2017 in Washington, blasting a message over the entry way to the Trump Hotel, reading Pay Trump Bribes Here.


  1. Chuck Billups says:

    Now I know what I want to do when I retire

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