DSE Mixer Sponsor Profiles: Screenfeed Demonstrating How Its Services Save Time, Money For Digital Signage Network Operators

November 2, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The big Sixteen:Nine networking mixer at DSE is back, and is now just two weeks out. It’s technically sold out (but if you check the ticketing engine there may be some cancelled tickets available), meaning we expect to have 350+ Digital Signage Experience attendees showing up for drinks, nibblies and lots of conversations and introductions.

The event happens because of the terrific support of sponsors who help cover the costs of the venue, drinks, food buffet, AV and on and on – and one of the ways to recognize that help is by profiling each of the sponsors ahead of the Nov. 16th event in Las Vegas.

SignageOS was profiled earlier this week, then Creative Realities, then TSItouch. Now here’s #4 of eight sponsors – Screenfeed. Based in Minneapolis, Screenfeed has been a big supporter of the industry (and Sixteen:Nine) for many, many years. There are a handful of subscription content suppliers in the industry, each doing things a bit differently. Screenfeed is very arguably the biggest and most widely used among them, and has also developed a reputation for pushing the possibilities with things like no-code content automation templates.

Founder and CEO Jeremy Gavin provided a rundown on what people will see from Screenfeed at DSE this year …

Q: Can you summarize what Screenfeed does and the main markets it serves?

We’re dynamic content people. We don’t create traditional videos for clients or static images – but if they are looking to do content that integrates their data, need external data, or content feeds – we’re your people. We serve software providers, AV/Tech integrators, other content companies, and end users.

In more detail … Screenfeed’s purpose is to make the lives easier for those in charge of executing content on their digital signage, or who are asked to solve content needs. We shrink the time and cost it takes to get from idea to the completion of a content project.  We do this by providing ready-made solutions for delivering dynamic content that attracts attention to your screens, informs viewers and/or entertains them to keep the watching.  We are known for fully-licensed and designed news, weather, financial data, sports scores, etc.  We now offer a ready-made solution for displaying your own data very quickly and with your custom design.  

In short, when you think of digital signage content, we want you to think of Screenfeed. We help with real solutions that save a lot of time.

Q: You have a stand, I think, on the exhibit hall floor. What can attendees expect to see if they wander in or book a meeting?

Most importantly, you will be able to talk content!  Everyone attending DSE should take time to discover content solutions, along with all the hardware and software. There are far too few content companies at trade shows and it’s essential on every single network.  

So come have a chat. We are down-to-earth midwestern people that will share what we know and we’d love to learn from you.  We don’t do a hard sell, we’re just here to find out if and how we can help. Visitors can meet our team of Jess Zynda, Lorna Campbell, Hunter Seuntjens and myself at booth 827.

Q: You recently added new data-driven content capabilities alongside your standard subscription content offers. How does that work and what has been the response from customers?

Our new service called Connect is a no-code solution for creating content that is driven by your data.  Let’s say you are a fitness center that wants to display your class schedule, highlight the staff on duty, feature the weekly deal on protein-packed products and share customer quotes.  This can all be designed to your brand and fully-automated so that you can set it and forget it while your screen updates automatically. 

It’s done with Connect’s easy-to-use design interface and built-in data integrations to just about anything.  Ready-made connections include APIs, Calendars, Google Sheets, Excel, Sharepoint, JSON and many others.

Projects that used to take us three weeks with a designer and HTML developer, now can be done by lunch. Seriously. Project costs in time and labor drop dramatically with Connect.  You can even have Screenfeed do the design and setup if you’d like. Resellers and software providers should come see examples of what others are doing to service their customers as Connect is meant as a tool for them.   

Q: What key trends are you seeing in the marketplace? Is content usage evolving?

I’m seeing a higher demand for content to be smart and effective.  

Truthfully, I don’t see a new ‘trend’ in that what I see in the market has been done for a long time. For example in the past, a project displaying products based on POS data, etc was rare – now you are seeing projects that require real-time data and logic to accomplish a goal more of the standard.    

Network managers are being asked to do more. They are asked to explain what affect each piece of content should have on their network. So they need to react and now they are asking better questions. With Connect, we can help them in some of those requirements and others are solved by selecting a CMS that has been there and done that and has features and integrations that help you accomplish more.

Q: You have research that makes a direct connection between the use of subscription content, like news, and the retention of adjacent advertising and other messages. Can you go into a little detail about that?

I can share that in a third-party study run by one of the largest banks in America polled viewers on recall. They found that viewers reported that the most recalled content in the playlist was the weather graphics we provided.  More importantly, the bank message that played directly after the weather was recalled at a 40% higher rate than any other bank marketing content in the playlist. 

What this validated for our client was that showing the weather was much more valuable than simply informing their customers. It attracted attention to their screen (which makes it more valuable) and it then helped them amplify their marketing messages to their customers.  

Too many people think news and weather is just there to fill time on playlists.  I admit that many of our customers do subscribe just to keep their screens fresh – but there are more and more who understand what we’ve been preaching for over 12 years, that giving viewers something they are interested in can help the ROI, in a number of cases.  Not all, of course, but it should be considered as part of their content strategy.

Q: Are there any other new products on the way?

Yes. We have three new offerings coming in Q1 that we will be previewing at DSE.

We are launching Content Services. With this service a customer can ask us: “Can you just take care of all our content?”  And we will!  The service would provide a project manager, access to all of Screenfeed’s infotainment content, unlimited Connect apps designed and created by our team – as well as a set amount of custom content.  We’ve been running this already with select clients and they love it!  We enjoy being closer to the final solution and our customers find our pricing better than they would pay agencies.

A major upgrade to our Social Media offering will be coming, as well.  In addition to new designs and controls we have a roadmap to add LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, TikTok and Slack to the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter content we already offer.

Lastly, we are showing off a major feature addition for Connect – Conditions. Our customers will be able to create simple or complex triggers to manipulate content on the screen based on data, time, day, weather or player variables.

Q: What do you see as the main reason to be at DSE?

To create new industry relationships and build on existing ones. Screenfeed has found that personal relationships have been the biggest factor in our growth – and it all started at DSE in 2019.  I hope the other vendors and attendees have the same great experience we have, as we’d love to see this show grow again! Hope to see them at the Sixteen:Nine mixer!

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