Clever Creative On LED Wall Gives Corporate Lobby Illusion Of Greater Depth

November 2, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The great majority of videos I’ve seen in the past couple of years that used false perspective visual illusions have involved over-the-top creative that sees dragons and cats and trucks and you-name-it seemingly escaping the boundaries of an LED screen fixed on the corner of a building, but here’s a nice, much simpler execution done on an LED feature wall in the lobby of a company.

It’s in the US HQ of Perrigo, which manufactures “self-care” products, like cough and cold formulas you’d buy in groceries and drug stores.

It’s a video wall at reception that Freshwater Digital, located up the road from Perrigo’s offices in SW Michigan, pulled together.

The creative uses depth and shadows, as well as a ceiling with recessed lights, to generate the illusion that the lobby is deeper than it really is, and has digital artworks on its feature wall.

I like. It was part of a larger body of work Freshwater did with Perrigo for workplace communications.

Here’s a video that quickly sums up the larger workplace communications work Freshwater did with Perrigo …

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