Yarooms Gets 2M EU Investment Round To Grow Workplace Solutions Business

November 1, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The Romanian tech firm Yarooms has closed a 2M Euro investment round the company will use to help drive sales growth for its SaaS-based workplace software solutions, which started with room booking but now incorporates several applications like desk booking, visitor  management and lobby digital signage.

Founded in 2010, the company describes itself as a developer of “powerful yet easy-to-use software for managing workplaces.” The company is active in more than 50 countries, and clients include Columbia University, Dedalus, National Health Service, AAA, Dr. Martens, Cerved and Robalino.

“More than ever, to thrive in the modern world, workplaces need to be people-centric. A strong culture of collaboration, flexibility and employee autonomy – Yarooms is committed to helping companies promote these values ​​and give freedom to their employees. We are agile and understand our industry very well – this has enabled us to innovate and create solutions that help our clients to create innovative employee experiences even in difficult times like the Covid pandemic. As we pursue newly identified market opportunities, we aim to accelerate growth by expanding the team and its expertise,” says Dragoș Badea, CEO and co-founder of Yarooms.

“We are confident that hybrid working is the new normal in terms of office use, as both employers and employees have recognized the benefits of this new way of working together. Yarooms is well positioned in this new market with a well thought out product, doubled by a first mover advantage and a fantastic team with high execution skills. We are excited to help YAROOMS bring its new direction to life and shape the future of modern workplaces around the world,” says Cosmin Ochișor, a partner at GapMinder, the lead investor.

Meeting room booking systems had a big spike in interest and activity about five or six years ago, with a pile of companies either coming in as pure-play solutions or adding booking screens to their broader CMS offer. The market has since matured, and the solution set has expanded quite a bit – particularly post-COVID as workplaces evolve to handle staffers who only come to the office part-time or sparingly.


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