Denver’s Alpine Media Expands Solution Reach Beyond Ski Hills To Theme Parks

October 31, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A small Denver tech company called Alpine Media that does digital signage solutions and mobile messaging for guests at ski resorts has expanded its market to also now include theme parks.

The company says its new Alpine Media Fun For All platform offers a single content management portal for all major guest engagement information – shuttle tracking, attraction status, dynamic maps with points of interest, and event calendars. Real-time updates push both to digital signage screens and to users of a custom mobile app.

“Alpine Media’s vision from the outset has been to create leading-edge guest engagement solutions that help enhance the overall experience,” says CEO and co-founder Freddie Peyerl. “Today, we power this experience for hundreds of thousands of digital devices in dozens of locations in the U.S. and in Canada. Tomorrow, as we deliver the benefits of our unique cross-screen solutions to amusement park leaders, we cannot wait to see the cost savings and engagement impacts of what we do for our new customers. Their success is the reason that has guided our growth from the very beginning of our journey in a single state, Colorado, to now operating across North America. We intend to help park leaders achieve their digital transformation and disrupt their guest engagement metrics throughout the entire customer experience.” 

The company will be touting its unified digital signage and custom mobile app platform at the IAAPA trade show in Orlando in a couple of weeks.

This is interesting because of the cross-platform big screen/little screen combined offer, but also because Alpine has gone beyond basic marketing information on screens into operational visuals and point of sale. It appears the way they get people to use a resort or theme park smartphone app is by integrating with park passes, which in turn enables things like mobile payments. The company has also integrated telematics capabilities, so that the location and timing of things like parking lot shuttles can be tracked and visualized.

As I stress all the time, JUST being the digital signage solution at a place (like an office or store or resort) is an increasingly big ask in a climate of integrated, data-driven and multi-screen solutions.

I’m not familiar with the company, but it’s certainly not surprising that a company based in front of the Rocky Mountains is into skiing. The challenge with that business is seasonality, with the parks offering either year-round customers, or at least customers that are open when ski resorts are shut down.

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