Printed Ad Tarps Swapped For Lightweight LED Displays On Construction Hoarding

October 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Construction hoarding at the ground-level of building sites has always been home to different forms of advertising – planned with printed tarps or mesh, or via guerrilla marketers armed with posters and glue. A German company has a different idea – attaching lightweight LED arrays to building scaffolding, down low or up high.

Our German language content partner Invidis has this interesting post up about a company – a world leader in concrete formwork for construction – starting a new scaffolding division and DOOH-focused construction site solution. LEDs replace printed advertising tarps using a new solution developed by engineers at Doka and the LED experts from a sister company, Umdasch.

The solution was demo’d at a big trade show in Munich this week, with attendees able to see a 30-meter-high scaffolding tower with digital advertising space, using 84 LED panels.

According to Doka, Invidis reports, the unique selling point of the solution is the possibility of constantly expanding the area while the scaffolding grows in height.

Doka, wisely, intends to hand over the marketing to partner companies. We’ve seen that with commercial property owners who invest in LED displays at high-profile, high-traffic sites, and then hand off sales to OOH/DOOH media firms who add it to their inventory and sales pitch.

I think this is clever, and wonder if it gets around some by-laws and zoning regs about billboards because the solutions are temporary.

Another German firm, LightnTec, has marketed its own lightweight, foil-based LEDs as a hoarding solution, as well.


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