Digital Helping Drive Experiences At Retailer Dick’s New Houses Of Sport

October 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

U.S. sporting goods retailer Dick’s has been introducing new experiential stores – each called a House of Sport – in a handful of locations, each going heavy with hand’s-on and digital experiences, and each wth a lot of digital display.

This is one of them, though not sure which. The design and specification of the digital signage side of this was a collaboration between Tampa-based Spectrio and NYC-based solutions provider Ovation, which has long been the retail chain’s AV vendor and digital signage partner. Spectrio does creative and ongoing content management. The space includes digital scoreboards, LED tickers, an outdoor field audio network, a batting cage projection, and a paging system to increase customer service.

As the top shot shows, the design at this featured store includes a feature that emulates center-hung displays in arenas and gyms.

The most recent store opened in suburban Minneapolis. There are also House of Sports in Knoxville, TN and Rochester, NY.

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