Utah Jazz’s Home Arena Completes Big LED Refresh In Seating Bowl

October 24, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Vivint Arena, home to the NBA’s Utah Jazz, just completed a big LED refresh in its seating areas – adding a pile of new displays manufactured by Absen and put in by Revel Media Group, a content shop turned integrator based in Utah.

The new LED boards at the Salt Lake City venue include: Upper and Lower Ribbons, Auxiliary Boards, Center Hung Sidelines & Baselines, Center Hung Corners and The Center Hung Underbellies. The new digital canvas now has a total number of pixels of more than 70 million.

The pixel pitch across all the screens is 4mm. You can see from the center-hung scores/replay cluster shown below, the resolution is dense enough to do a decent job with letters and numbers (though viewers see them from a distance).

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