DSE Mixer Sponsor Profiles: signageOS Accelerates Digital Signage Hardware Adoption; Removes Big Pain Points

October 24, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The big Sixteen:Nine networking mixer at DSE is back, and a little more than three weeks out. It’s sold out, meaning we expect to have 350+ Digital Signage Experience attendees showing up for drinks, nibblies and lots of conversations and introductions.

The event happens because of the terrific support of sponsors who help cover the costs of the venue, drinks, food buffet, AV and on and on – and one of the ways to recognize that help is by profiling each of the sponsors ahead of the Nov. 16th event in Las Vegas.

First up … signageOS, which has offices In San Francisco and Prague and sells globally. The software company is both an event sponsor and an exhibitor at the trade show. I did a Q&A with CEO/Founder Stan Richter:

Q: Can you summarize what signageOS does and the profile of your customers?

signageOS accelerates adoption of any digital signage hardware and saves a lot of headaches. Our unification SDK and device management lets you use one codebase and remotely manage any piece of hardware like never before. We achieve this by close collaboration with all leading manufacturers, across all major OS platforms. The customer profile are generally content management companies, managed solution providers, integrators or OEMs.

Q: I think your company recently suggested that smart displays are almost at parity with PCs in terms of performance and capabilities. What’s still left to get to full parity, and are those capabilities critical or non-essential.

You are right, however you have to compare apples to apples; or the content playback performance and not raw performance. There is still a big difference in Intel i7 to any SoC displays in terms of how much performance is available. However, we really put the smart displays through their paces and pushed them to their limits. For general mainstream digital signage, they perform almost on par with PCs. We are talking about standard use cases across verticals such as QSR, transportation, retail, banking, education, etc.

In cases where you need to really have a lot of performance, such as 3D or webGL heavy use cases, you still need and always will need an external player. For SoCs, there is still room for improvement when running a variety of HTML5 sources, especially when displaying multiple videos at one time. In this case, we are confident that this will change with the rapidly evolving technologies available.

Q: How does a typical user or partner plug into signageOS and what are the impacts?

We are an API-first company, so partners plug into signageOS leveraging our APIs. It can be as simple as uploading their existing web app to signageOS which then lets you create and deploy native applications for any hardware you want to play content on. By doing these simple steps, partners become compatible not just with one, but with all of the hardware platforms. A single step, and you’re ready to go. For device management, it’s even simpler; you just need to deploy signageOS Cloud Control app that is readily available.

Q: You have a stand on the exhibit hall floor. What can attendees expect to see if they wander in or book a meeting?

At DSE, we will be focusing on demonstrating our five-star Device Management, that is designed and tailored for digital signage, which is pretty unique. We will provide demos on how it is possible to connect to your devices and ensure you have ultimate visibility and control. We will demonstrate how our hardware-agnostic device manager provides you with consistent features across all manufacturers and all with zero touch.

Q: What key trends are you seeing in the marketplace? 

A lot is happening right now in the industry. For us, observing the consolidation is very interesting, and it is a testament to how our industry is maturing … and how far it has come. The services are becoming ever more complex and sophisticated, and not every company can keep up the pace. We have always put technology first, from day one, and I think it will benefit us in the long term as many companies will have to decide what is going to be their main focus, where will they generate the most value and what can distinguish them from the rest. signageOS will be there to help and take some of the burden related to hardware integrations and overall hardware and software compatibility, so our partners can focus on what matters.

Q: What do you see as the main reason to be at DSE?

DSE is the digital signage show for North America. We see it as an important moment to show what we have been working on and provide consumers with options for their particular signage solution. We want to inform both current and future partners on how we can tailor a solution for their particular needs, and what features we can lean on to do so. Furthermore, we also believe it is a great opportunity for the industry to get together and discuss the future.

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